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Machines, Tools & Store Equipment

We offer to our customers a variety of sewing machines, ironing systems, scissors and other cutting tools, all types of furrier tools, shop display and storage products and many other tools and supplies that will satisfy the needs of both professional and home users.

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Blocking Furrier Pliers 8’’ ROMI

Blocking Furrier Pliers ROMI 8’’ – 21cm Nickel Plated

75.00€ Including VAT: 93.00€

Blocking Furrier Pliers 9’’ ROMI

Blocking Furrier Pliers ROMI 9’’ – 24,5 cm Nickel Plated

80.00€ Including VAT: 99.20€

Pattern Τracer ROMI

Pattern Tracer ROMI with Steel Needles and Aluminum Handle – Unbreakable.

26.00€ Including VAT: 32.24€

Blade Holder

Blade Holder for Diagonal Ready Broken Blades used for Cutting Fur and Leather.

9.00€ Including VAT: 11.16€

------ Out of stock ------
Pattern-Tracer ROMI white

Pattern-Tracer ROMI white

6.50€ Including VAT: 8.06€

------ Out of stock ------
Long Staples Extractor

Extractor for the Removal of Long Staples and Nails.

23.00€ Including VAT: 28.52€

Staples Extractor Long

Staples Extractor for Small Staples

5.00€ Including VAT: 6.20€

Round Staples Extractor

Round Staples Extractor for the Removal of Various Types of Staples

15.00€ Including VAT: 18.60€

------ Out of stock ------
Furrier Blades AETERNA

Stainless Steel Furrier Blades AETERNA for Cutting Fur and Leather Skins – box of 200 pieces.

26.00€ Including VAT: 32.24€

- +
25 Or more 23.00€ Including VAT: 28.52€
Tweezers ROMI

Nickel Plated Steel Tweezer ROMI for Fur

13.00€ Including VAT: 16.12€

Hair-Guider ROMI

Stainless Steel Hair Guider ROMI for Fur

7.00€ Including VAT: 8.68€

- +
5 Or more 6.50€ Including VAT: 8.06€

Conical Grindstone for Use with Electrical Grinding Machine

4.00€ Including VAT: 4.96€

------ Out of stock ------