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Sewing Machines

Check our assortment of sewing machines for domestic and professional use for all types of light, medium and heavy weight fabrics.

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Sewing Machine WD-8500 with Stand & Table

High speed single needle lockstitch sewing machine WD-8500 with stand and table.

450.00€ Including VAT: 558.00€

------ Out of stock ------
2 Or more 410.00€ Including VAT: 508.40€
3 Or more 380.00€ Including VAT: 471.20€
Sewing Machine WD-747D with Stand and Table - Free Shipping

Direct Drive Four Thread Overlock Sewing Machine WD-747D with Stand and Table.

730.00€ Including VAT: 905.20€

------ Out of stock ------
Mini Sewing Machine WD-588

Multi-Function Mini Handheld Sewing Machine WD-588 for Domestic Use

140.00€ Including VAT: 173.60€

------ Out of stock ------
3 Or more 120.00€ Including VAT: 148.80€
5 Or more 104.00€ Including VAT: 128.96€
Industrial Sewing Machine WD-8700 with Motor, Stand and Table-Free Shipping

High speed single needle lockstitch sewing machine WD-8700 with motor stand and table.

490.00€ Including VAT: 607.60€

------ Out of stock ------
NEW IDEAL Computerised 200 Stitch Sewing machine

NEW IDEAL ELECTRA 6220 Computerised 200-Stitch Home Sewing Machine.

310.00€ Including VAT: 384.40€

NEW IDEAL ARTEMIS 888 Home Sewing Machine

NEW IDEAL-ARTEMIS 888 22-Stitch Home Sewing Machine.

129.00€ Including VAT: 159.96€

Four Thread Overlock Industrial Sewing Machine WD-747BK

WORLDEN-747BK-4 Four-Thread Back Latching Overlock Industrial Sewing Machine.

730.00€ Including VAT: 905.20€

Lockstitch Sewing Machine WD-7800-D2

Direct Drive Single Needle Lockstich Sewing Machine Model WD-7800-D2 by WORLDEN.

575.00€ Including VAT: 713.00€

Lockstitch Sewing Machine WORLDEN WD-7800-D4

High speed WORLDEN direct drive single needle industrial sewing machine with Auto-thread trimmer, Model WD-7800 D4.

745.00€ Including VAT: 923.80€

Lockstitch High Speed Sewing Machine WORLDEN WD-2121

High Speed Fully Automatic Three-Drive Lockstich Sewing Machine WORLDEN WD-2121.

970.00€ Including VAT: 1,202.80€

New Ideal 4 Thread Serger Sewing Machine

Serger Home Sewing Machine with 3 or 4 Threads, Model 750D By New Ideal

350.00€ Including VAT: 434.00€

Sewing Machine Venus-960 by New Ideal

Home Sewing Machine Venus-960 with 22 stiching operations by New Ideal.

130.00€ Including VAT: 161.20€