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Ironing Systems

In our e-shop you can choose between a variety of steam irons for domestic or industrial use offered with best price guarantee.

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Steam Iron Mini Prym

Steam Iron Mini By Prym, Product code: 611915

25.00€ Including VAT: 31.00€

- +
2 Or more 23.50€ Including VAT: 29.14€
Silicone Iron Rest from Prym

Silicone Heat Resistant Iron Rest from Prym, Product Code: 611911.

3.70€ Including VAT: 4.59€

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5 Or more 3.40€ Including VAT: 4.22€
Small Ironing Board Prym

Small Sleeves Ironing Board by Prym, Product Code: 611912

15.00€ Including VAT: 18.60€

Prym Ironing Rulers, Universal for all types of seams

Heat-resistant set of ironing rulers from Prym for all types of seams, Product Code: 611937.


5.50€ Including VAT: 6.82€

- +
5 Or more 4.90€ Including VAT: 6.08€
Steam Iron SILTER Super Mini, 2Lt

SILTER Super Mini Professional Steam Ironing System with 2 Lt Boiler.

220.00€ Including VAT: 272.80€

Steam Iron SILTER Super Mini, 3.5Lt

SILTER Super Mini Professional Steam Ironing System with 3.5 Lt Boiler.

240.00€ Including VAT: 297.60€

------ Out of stock ------
Steam Iron SILTER 3 Functions in 1, 3.5lt Free Shipping

Professional Steam Iron SILTER with Steam Brush and Steam Gun, 3.5lt Boiler - Free Shipping

540.00€ Including VAT: 669.60€

Mini Iron X'SOR Sew Mate

Mini iron X'SOR Sew Mate for Quilting and Patchwork, 25W

28.90€ Including VAT: 35.84€

------ Out of stock ------
Professional Steam Iron Silter 250S

Silter STB 250 hard base professional steam iron, 220V.


55.00€ Including VAT: 68.20€

------ Out of stock ------
Steam Brush Iron for standing ironing with 2 Lt Boiler

Steam Brush Iron SILTER for vertical ironing with 2 Lt Boiler and rotating head.


290.00€ Including VAT: 359.60€