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YKK Metallic YKK No.5 Open End Zippers, 55cm (DAPDL). High quality YKK  metallic No.5  Open End Zippers,  55cm (21.65") Long with DAPDL slider... Product #: 09.206A Regular price: $2.99 $2.99

Metallic YKK No.5 Open End Zippers, 55cm (DAPDL).

Brand: YKK
Product code: 09.206A
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Price: 2.99€
Including VAT 3.71€

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High quality YKK metallic open end zipper,  55cm (21.65 inches) long. Its teeth have bronze color and are 5.75mm wide. The fabric is made exclusively for use in zippers and is usually made of polyester but also of synthetic fibers, vinyl or cotton and is readily available in dark brown color. The  Slider  (DAPDL) when no power is exercised, it locks automatically. It is used in the manufacturing of clothing, handbags and other accessories by craftsmen and other professionals such as dressmakers and tailors as well as by home users on handcrafted creations.


  • Material: Metal & Fabric
  • Brand:YKK
  • Open End
  • Heavy Duty
  • Length: 55 cm (21.65 inches)
  • Teeth Size: No.5 (5.75mm)
  • Teeth Color: Bronze
  • Readily Available Colors: Dark Brown
  • Weight: 36.5 grams/piece