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New Bedford Thread New Bedford Furrier 100% Cotton Thread -11000 meters tubes No.120 and No.140 Natural Excellent Quality 100% Cotton Fine Thread for Fur Sewing... Product #: 03.048 Regular price: $12.70 $12.70

New Bedford Furrier 100% Cotton Thread – 11000 meters tubes No.120 and No.140 Natural

Brand: New Bedford Thread
Product code: 03.048
Processing Time: 1-3 working days

Price: 12.70€
Including VAT 15.75€

Retailers, manufacturers and other customers within E.U., having a VAT number valid for intra-E.U business transactions, are eligible for tax free purchases, regardless the size of their order. Also eligible for tax free transactions are out of E.U. customers ordering a minimum net value of 300.00€ euro or its equivalent in other currencies.

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Fine fur sewing thread of excellent quality. It is made from the best extra long fiber Egyptian cotton in order  to achieve the desired high strength and proper elasticity of the thread.
The thread is glace finished so it is homogeneous across all its length and the ideal lubricity is achieved in order for the sewing to be smooth without interruptions.
It is offered in 11000 meters (12000 yards) tubes in various colors and in two sizes No. 120 for fine sewing and No. 140 for extra fine sewing.

  • Made from the highest quality extra long fiber Egyptian Cotton
  • Every tube contains 11000 meters (12000 yards) of thread
  • Glaced finish
  • High strength and tenacity
  • Available in two sizes: No 120 and No140
  • Readily available in 10 different colors.
  • Τhere are 20 more colors that can be available after pre-ordering
  • Weight: 220 grms