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Fur Skin Stretcher

Wooden Skin Stretcher and scrapper by ROMI with Stainless Steel Insert.

14.00€ Including VAT: 17.36€

------ Out of stock ------
Fur Comb with Handle

Fur Stainless Steel ROMI Comb with Wooden Handle.

47.00€ Including VAT: 58.28€

Brass Fur Comb

Brass Fur Comb ROMI with Wooden Handle.

41.00€ Including VAT: 50.84€

Wire Brush for Fur

Wire Brush ROMI with Wooden Handle for Fur

19.00€ Including VAT: 23.56€

------ Out of stock ------
Stainless Steel Fur Comb ROMI

Furrier Stainless Steel Fine Teeth ROMI Comb

47.00€ Including VAT: 58.28€

Fur Cutting Blade Holder ROMI

Brass Blade Holder ROMI  for Fur and Leather Cutting.

19.00€ Including VAT: 23.56€

- +
10 Or more 18.50€ Including VAT: 22.94€
30 Or more 18.00€ Including VAT: 22.32€
Double Blade Holder ROMI

Double Stainless Steel Blade Holder ROMI for Cutting Leather & Fur.

35.00€ Including VAT: 43.40€

Blocking Furrier Pliers 8’’ ROMI

Blocking Furrier Pliers ROMI 8’’ – 21cm Nickel Plated

75.00€ Including VAT: 93.00€

Blocking Furrier Pliers 9’’ ROMI

Blocking Furrier Pliers ROMI 9’’ – 24,5 cm Nickel Plated

80.00€ Including VAT: 99.20€

Pattern Τracer ROMI

Pattern Tracer ROMI with Steel Needles and Aluminum Handle – Unbreakable.

26.00€ Including VAT: 32.24€

Pattern-Tracer ROMI white

Pattern-Tracer ROMI white

6.50€ Including VAT: 8.06€

------ Out of stock ------
Tweezers ROMI

Nickel Plated Steel Tweezer ROMI for Fur

13.00€ Including VAT: 16.12€