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Prym Prym Marker 611 802 Prym Marking Pencil 611 802 in White Color... Product #: 09.686 Regular price: $1.45 $1.45

PrymMarker 611 802

Brand: Prym
Product code: 09.686
Processing Time: 1-3 working days
Tag: prym , pencil , marking

Price: 1.45€
Including VAT 1.80€

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Prym marking pencil (code 611 802) in white color ideal for marking dark fabrics.  Marks are removed with clean water or by gently rubbing with a damp cloth.  All marks should be removed before ironing or dry cleaning. It is available in a card paper container of one piece.

  • Color: White
  • Water erasable
  • Dimensions of card: Length: 23,4 cm* Width: 5,7cm*Height: 1,4cm
  • Weight: 13 grm / piece