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Prym Prym Embroidery Scissors Super Fine 9cm High quality Prym sewing scissors for fine embroidery, 9 cm (code 611441)... Product #: 09.980 Regular price: $12.39 $12.39

Prym Embroidery Scissors Super Fine 9cm

Brand: Prym
Product code: 09.980
Processing Time: 1-3 working days

Price: 12.39€
Including VAT 15.36€

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 The 9 cm long super-fine embroidery scissors from Prym are very lightweight and dainty, although they are manufactured in sturdy steel. The embroidery scissors have a straight, very fine, delicate point, allow millimetre precision in cutting right up to the points and are therefore ideal for precision cutting for fine embroidery. The embroidery scissors with metal eyes are so handy that they feel at home in every embroiderer's work basket. The scissors are about the same size as nail scissors and are a practical aid for all embroidery and sewing tasks, where precision is the first requirement.

  • Material: Durable steel.
  • Brand: Prym
  • Prym Product Code: 611441
  • Total scissors length: 9 cm
  • Lightweight and Fine