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Prym Awl ergonomics Prym Prym Awl to punch holes in fabric, paper, leather, Product Code: 610935  .. Product #: 10.017 Regular price: $4.05 $4.05

Awl ergonomics Prym

Brand: Prym
Product code: 10.017
Processing Time: 1-3 working days
Tag: prym , Awl , Ergonomics

Price: 4.05€
Including VAT 5.02€

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The prym.ergonomics series awl is ideal for someone who is looking for a tool that can punch holes in fabrics, paper, leather and much more. Its ergonomic grips allow for effortless use without slipping down your fingers. With this handy awl, holes the size of 1 to 5 mm can easily be made in fabrics to insert press fasteners, for example. The white end caps are made out of gripping, soft material and this closes around the steel point in order to prevent any injuries - the awl can now be set up. By fitting into the handle of the piercing tool, the rounded cap becomes the optimal support surface for the hand. There is a strap so the awl can be carried around and always be at your fingertips.


  • Material: Metal & Plastic
  • Brand: Prym
  • Color: White and purple
  • Total length: 12 cm
  • Diameter: 1 to 5 mm
  • Product Code: 610935