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Leather Closures

In our e-shop you can find a variety of sew-on quality leather closure toggle buttons as well as push-lock leather closures for use by garment manufacturers, tailors, seamstresses and DIY home users in all types of coats, jackets and other types of outerwear garments.

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Leather Closure Βutton Art: B 124

Leather Closure Toggle Button Art. B-124 in Brown Color

1.80€ Including VAT: 2.23€

10 Or more 1.60€ Including VAT: 1.98€
30 Or more 1.45€ Including VAT: 1.80€
50 Or more 1.30€ Including VAT: 1.61€
Leather Closure Button, Art: A-139

Leather Closure Toggle Button Art. A-139 with Cylindrical Metal Hold

2.50€ Including VAT: 3.10€

Leather Closure Button Des. B-223

Leather Closure Toggle Button Art. B-223 in Beige Color

1.80€ Including VAT: 2.23€

Leather Closure Button Art. A-130

Leather Closure Toggle Button Art. A-130 with  Metal Parts

3.50€ Including VAT: 4.34€

Leather Closure Des.2386

Leather Garment Push-lock Closure Des. 2386 with Metal Parts.

5.00€ Including VAT: 6.20€

10 Or more 4.60€ Including VAT: 5.70€
20 Or more 4.20€ Including VAT: 5.21€
50 Or more 3.86€ Including VAT: 4.79€
100 Or more 3.40€ Including VAT: 4.22€
Leather Closure Des.CN-8453

Leather Garments Closure with Rhinestones Des. CN-8453.

8.00€ Including VAT: 9.92€

10 Or more 7.20€ Including VAT: 8.93€
20 Or more 6.48€ Including VAT: 8.04€
50 Or more 5.80€ Including VAT: 7.19€