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Sewing Notions

In our e-shop you can find a wide variety of quality sewing notions, such as needles, pins, interlining fabrics, shoulder pads, laces, trims, bias tapes, ribbons, elastics and many other items that will enable you to complete successfully any sewing project. Browse through our diverse selection of products and choose what is needed for your own sewing creation.

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Shoulder Pads Des. 5R

High Quality Dressed Shoulder Pads, Design 5R

0.20€ Including VAT: 0.25€

Shoulder Pads Des. 1412

High Quality Dressed Shoulder Pads, Design 1412

0.55€ Including VAT: 0.68€

------ Out of stock ------
Shoulder Pads Des. PB2R

High Quality Dressed Shoulder Pads, Design PB2R.

0.45€ Including VAT: 0.56€

Small Pins PRYM

Small Steel Pins PRYM Νο 8 EF/ 50 grm.

3.20€ Including VAT: 3.97€

------ Out of stock ------
5 Or more 3.00€ Including VAT: 3.72€
10 Or more 2.76€ Including VAT: 3.42€
Glass-headed Pins PRYM

Glass Headed  Straight Prym Pins 48mm in 30 Grams Boxes

5.30€ Including VAT: 6.57€

------ Out of stock ------
10 Or more 4.90€ Including VAT: 6.08€

Zinc-die Cast Thimble in Various Sizes.

0.90€ Including VAT: 1.12€


High Quality Steel Thimble.

0.73€ Including VAT: 0.91€

Schmetz 459R Fur Sewing Needles

Schmetz Needles for SUCCESS and other System 459R Fur Sewing Machines.

5.20€ Including VAT: 6.45€

Schmetz 292SP Fur Sewing Needles

Schemtz Needles for BONIS and other System 292SP Fur Sewing Machines.

5.40€ Including VAT: 6.70€

10 Or more 5.20€ Including VAT: 6.45€
Glover Needles SCHMETZ

Glover SCHMETZ needles for hand sewing.

3.46€ Including VAT: 4.29€

10 Or more 3.28€ Including VAT: 4.07€
20 Or more 3.12€ Including VAT: 3.87€
40 Or more 2.96€ Including VAT: 3.67€
Glover Needles Made in Germany

Glover Hand Sewing Needles Made in Germany for Fur and Leather

5.90€ Including VAT: 7.32€

20 Or more 5.40€ Including VAT: 6.70€
Schmetz Needles for Home Sewing Machines

Schmetz  130/705 H Universal Home Sewing Machine Needles (5 needles pack).

1.40€ Including VAT: 1.74€

5 Or more 1.34€ Including VAT: 1.66€
10 Or more 1.28€ Including VAT: 1.59€
50 Or more 1.14€ Including VAT: 1.41€