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Schmetz Schmetz Hemstitch Needles 100/16 Schmetz System 130/705 H Wing Hemstich Sewing Machine Needle, Size 100/16... Product #: 10.200 Regular price: $2.42 $2.42

Schmetz Hemstitch Needles 100/16

Brand: Schmetz
Product code: 10.200

Price: 2.42€
Including VAT 3.00€

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This Hemstich sewing machine needle from Schmetz has a wing on each of its sides. When sewing the wings spread the fabric creating a unique stich. The hemstich needle moves easily through light to medium weight loosely woven fabrics. Popular for hairloom sewing and decorative work, this Hemstich needles needle can be used in multi-media quilts.

  • Brand: Schmetz
  • Needle System: 130/705 H Wing
  • Size: 100/16
  • One needle per card
  • Slim Acute Point, Regular Eye