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Leather Closure Button, Art: A-139

Leather Closure Toggle Button Art. A-139 with Cylindrical Metal Hold

2.50€ Including VAT: 3.10€

Leather Closure Button Des. B-223

Leather Closure Toggle Button Art. B-223 in Beige Color

1.80€ Including VAT: 2.23€

Leather Closure Button Art. A-130

Leather Closure Toggle Button Art. A-130 with  Metal Parts

3.50€ Including VAT: 4.34€

Bag with Zipper - Jumbo Size

Non woven fabric bag wit zipper in black color,  40cm X 60cm X 30cm .

2.80€ Including VAT: 3.47€

------ Out of stock ------
10 Or more 2.66€ Including VAT: 3.30€
50 Or more 2.52€ Including VAT: 3.12€
100 Or more 2.40€ Including VAT: 2.98€
Metal Button Des. BU-104

Metal Round Button with Pearls and Crystal Rhinestones, 40mm


5.00€ Including VAT: 6.20€

Metal Button Des. MD-1066

Metal Shank Button with Crystal Rhinestones and Leather and 25mm width.

3.00€ Including VAT: 3.72€

Metal Closure Des. DB-880

Metal Closure Silver with Rhinestones and Leather Des. DB-880.

7.00€ Including VAT: 8.68€

10 Or more 6.30€ Including VAT: 7.81€
Metal Button with Pearls Art. MA-2132

High Quality Large Round Metallic Button with Pearls and 35mm diameter

4.00€ Including VAT: 4.96€

Metal Cord End Des.CE-200

Metal cord end with crystal rhinestones covered with leather.


1.50€ Including VAT: 1.86€

Metal Cord Stopper Des. CE-199

High quality metal cord stopper with crystal rhinestones, covered with leather.


3.00€ Including VAT: 3.72€

YKK Metallic No.5 Open End Zippers, 70cm.

High quality YKK  metallic No.5  Open End Zippers,  70cm (27.56") Long (Slider Code: DADRB)


2.80€ Including VAT: 3.47€

10 Or more 2.50€ Including VAT: 3.10€
Metallic YKK No.5 Open End Zippers, 55cm (DAPDL).

High quality YKK  metallic No.5  Open End Zippers,  55cm (21.65") Long with DAPDL slider.

2.38€ Including VAT: 2.95€

5 Or more 2.22€ Including VAT: 2.75€
10 Or more 2.10€ Including VAT: 2.60€
30 Or more 1.90€ Including VAT: 2.36€