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Marking & Measuring

Our e-shop provides a series of marking and measuring products such as prym dressmaker rulers and measures, prym markers, chalks, pencils and markers by prym, Faber-Castell, Staedtler and Dixon as well as cutting mats for all the sewing needs of both professional users such as manufacturers and tailors as well as for home users.

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Chalk Powder for Skirt Marker Prym

Prym Chalk Powder 50g for Skirt Marker, Product Code: 611886

1.82€ Including VAT: 2.26€

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5 Or more 1.72€ Including VAT: 2.13€
Mechanical Pencil Prym Love

Fabric Catridge Pencil Prym Love, Ø 0.9mm, Product Code: 610850

6.62€ Including VAT: 8.21€

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5 Or more 5.98€ Including VAT: 7.42€