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Prym Prym Marker Pen 611 804 Prym Mark and Erase Pen 611804 in Turquoise Color.. Product #: 09.688 Regular price: $3.78 $3.78

Prom Marker Pen 611 804

Brand: Prym
Product code: 09.688
Tag: prym , Marker , marking

Price: 3.78€
Including VAT: 4.69€

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Prym mark and erase pen in turquoise color. One side marks the other erases. It is used in sewing as well as for other uses and applications. When used on fabriics all marks should be erased before dry cleanibg and ironing. It is available in one piece paper card packs. Store with marking tip facing down

  • Brand: Prym
  • Color: Turquoise
  • Fibre tip
  • Available in one piece paper card pack.
  • Dimensions of card: Length: 23,5 cm* Width: 5,7 cm*Height: 1,5 cm
  • Weight: 15,5 grm / piece
  • 1 side marks, 1 side erases