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Machines, Tools & Store Equipment

We offer to our customers a variety of sewing machines, ironing systems, scissors and other cutting tools, all types of furrier tools, shop display and storage products and many other tools and supplies that will satisfy the needs of both professional and home users.

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Thread Clipping Scissors 10.5cm

Thread Clip Craft Sewing Metal Scissors, 10.5cm 

1.15€ Including VAT: 1.43€

- +
12 Or more 0.99€ Including VAT: 1.23€
Large Electric Lint Remover SID MAXI

Large electric lint, pill and fluff remover with rechargeable battery.

23.00€ Including VAT: 28.52€

Kretzer - Heavy Duty Leather Spirale Shears

High quality heavy duty spirale Krtetzer shears-scissors for leather, 24cm (9.5 ").


45.00€ Including VAT: 55.80€