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We offer to our customers a variety of sewing machines, ironing systems, scissors and other cutting tools, all types of furrier tools, shop display and storage products and many other tools and supplies that will satisfy the needs of both professional and home users.

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Four Thread Overlock Industrial Sewing Machine WD-747BK

WORLDEN-747BK-4 Four-Thread Back Latching Overlock Industrial Sewing Machine.

730.00€ Including VAT: 905.20€

Staples Extractor for Long Staples and Nails

Rake type Staples Extractor Romi, 10cm wide, for Long Staples and Nails. 

49.00€ Including VAT: 60.76€

Manual Scissors Sharpener Premax

Practical Manual Scissors Sharpener Premax.

8.50€ Including VAT: 10.54€

Prym Tailor Scissors Left Handed, 21cm

Prym Professional Left Handed Tailor's Scissors, 21cm/8", Product Code: 611513


16.00€ Including VAT: 19.84€

Premax Tailor Left-Handed Scissors, 21cm

Premax Serie 6 Dressmaker Scissors for Left-Handed Users, 21cm.

14.00€ Including VAT: 17.36€

Premax-Hobby Collection Craft Pliers Nipper

Premax-Hobby Collection Craft Pliers Nipper for Various Uses

4.30€ Including VAT: 5.33€

Premax Pinking Shears Zig-Zag Scissors 18cm

Premax Pinking Shears Zig-Zag Scissors Omnia Line, 18cm, Product Code: 30552

10.00€ Including VAT: 12.40€

Steam Brush Iron for standing ironing with 2 Lt Boiler

Steam Brush Iron SILTER for vertical ironing with 2 Lt Boiler and rotating head.


290.00€ Including VAT: 359.60€

Prym Sewing-Household Scissor 16.5cm

Prym - Sewing and Household Scissors-Professional Series, 16.5 cm Product Code: 611511

11.00€ Including VAT: 13.64€

Spare Blade for Rotary Cutter Jumbo Prym 45mm

Top quality stainless spare blade for rotary Jumbo cutter by Prym, Product Code:  611372

5.30€ Including VAT: 6.57€

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5 Or more 5.00€ Including VAT: 6.20€